Tuesday, 21 July 2015

We've been busy in the gardening club since we started back in March
Here is part of the gardening club team, who have been planting, watering and maintaining the garden over the last 5 months.

 We had a great display of flowers over the spring, which all needed watering regularly!

We've cleaned out and composted the chicken bedding.  This task is part of the head gardeners responsibilities, which everyone has a chance to do.  Other tasks include opening the green house daily and watering when necessary. 

 We've made our own compost, from the uneaten fruit, chicken bedding, grass cuttings and other greenery.

And found some interesting insects and animals in the process - three slow worms!

We've built frame works for the plants to climb up.


Everything and one gets wet when we're supposedly watering the plants!

 We grew a giant cauliflower (which we didn't realise we'd planted!)

Are currently picking sweetpeas and daisy's which are on display inreception.

We've done more watering.

Planted and harvested salad, radishes, broad beans and peas.

And more watering!

 Weeded and planted pumpkins (watch out for these next term).
Sown and re-potted tomato plants, we are waiting to harvest tomatoes grown outside classrooms and in the greenhouse.

We took part in the 'Grow your own potato challenge' and harvested 1173 grams of rocket potatoes and 1417 grams of regional (Rudolph) potatoes.  We all took some home to try. 

Watered even more - its been a hot term!

Last week we tasted some of the vegetables and fruit grown at the school.  The gardening club children with help from Mrs Andrew's provided a feast.  
Thank you to the volunteers for their support over this period and to the children for their enthusiasm - see you next term.  

Friday, 10 July 2015

School trip time, Longdown here kings copse come...

This time last week the class was full of very excited adults oh and a few excited children.
We're ready for the off, waiting for the coach "is it nearly here?"

When we got to the farm we met Farmer Kerry who showed us to the best straw bale barn, after the adventure over the bales and down the slides we all gathered to listen to our instructions for the day.

First we were off to feed the calves, we all had a bottle each and a calf to give milk to. They were very messy and some finished ever so quick. We had to hold the bottles carefully. Some of us were so taken with these lovely creatures that we let them lick our hands and fingers.

Next job was of to feed the pigs, there was the most adorable piglets but their mums were taking care of them, so we fed the older piglets and the adult pigs.

After that it was off to the tractor for a bumpy bumpy ride,

On the way to the next animals we all had to collect a handful of grass, Who were we about to meet?
Pearl the shire horse and Chesney the pony,

Well our work wasn't finished so we then met and held a chicken which we were all experts at, then moved on to meet the chicks and rabbit.

Finally it was the goats that needed feeding before we could have our lunch, the children were finding out how much there was to do being a farmer.

Gosh what a lot of hungry animals, the last job of day after washing our hands was to feed the hungry year R's