Monday, 21 December 2020

 Learning Values Awards December 2020

On Thursday and Friday last week, I was lucky enough to visit all of the classes to present the worthy winners of the Motivation Champion badges and certificates. All children were recognised by staff teams as having really good motivation since returning to school in September, but one representative of each class was highlighted as being particularly spectacular. 

This time around, we wanted to share the photos of the proud winners, along with the reasons why their staff teams chose them.


Since Ophelia has started the year as an Acorn, Mrs Dalton and the team have watched her flourish and become motivated with her writing. As she has got better, she has become even more motivated to try and not be put off or give up when things get tricky. Well done Ophelia! 


This person was an obvious choice. Conner is always motivated to try hard and challenge himself. He is always willing to have a go. When it is Discovery Time, he is motivated to find something good to do and he involves others in this. He is always thoughtful and a good role model to motivate others. Well done Conner! 


For the team, it was hard to choose because lots of people try their best. When children first move into Y1, it can be hard to focus on doing more jobs. As time has gone on, Jude has been showing that he tries his best in all of his jobs, often doing them all without stopping! In maths, he often works all the way to step 3 and in writing, he has been writing 3 or 4 sentences, even in the run up to the holidays! Jude also helps to motivate others. Well done Jude! 


Mrs Warland explained that this had been an easy choice for the Y2 team. Joshua always comes into class in the morning, he gets on and doesn’t need reminding of anything. He is always helpful and wants to learn. In every lesson, he is committed and wants to do his best. He has also been working hard to help to motivate others to get their jobs done. Well done Joshua! 


Mr Harrison and the team debated a lot as choosing someone was not an easy decision. Everyone in the class has tried hard. However, Jessie has been so motivated to catch up to where she needs to be in Y3 in maths, writing, handwriting, spelling and reading. Jessie stood out as the overall champion. Well done Jessie! 

Y4Miss Macmaster identified that Frankie had worked really hard in English and had improved his motivation since last year. He produces more work and has been more motivated in all subjects, with English standing out in particular. Well done Frankie!

This was an easy choice for Miss Halton and the team. Despite the fact that all of the children have been motivated, Lily shows motivation in all of her learning. She doesn’t shy away from any challenge (and is resilient too!). She works hard to be motivated to solve problems, find answers and help others too. Well done Lily!


The team have seen a huge difference in the motivation and attitude of Izzy. Miss Halton and Mrs Matthews have seen this happening over more than just a year and she has improved a great deal in this area since Y4. She has a great understanding of the importance of Y6, putting her best effort into every lesson. She works hard to make progress in every lessons and makes the most of every learning opportunity. Well done Izzy! 

It has been fantastic to visit all classes and listen to what special qualities the Motivation Champions have shown to their teams to enable them to have been highlighted for this special award. I hope you enjoy reading about these eight amazing children as much as I enjoyed presenting them with their awards! 

Thursday, 17 December 2020

On behalf of all of us here at Kings Copse, I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for everything that you have done to help us be back in school safely for the whole of the Autumn Term. 

The children have plotted to create a small surprise for you all to share our festive greetings! 


Best wishes,

Mrs Ferguson 

Monday, 20 July 2020

Brilliant Bubbles with Fantastic Year Five!

During the last three Fridays, all three Year Five bubbles celebrated the ending of their bubble weeks by blowing some bubbles! We had a wonderful week and, although it wasn't how we thought Year 5 would end, it was a fantastic way to celebrate everything these fabulous children have achieved!
Year Five - you are wonderful!

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Bubbles in the Y5 Bubble!

Yesterday, the Year Five bubble investigated bubbles! After making bubble mixture ( and wetting the tables, we tried the following challenges:
  • How large can you blow your bubble?
  • Can you create a bubble within a bubble?
  • Can you join several bubbles?
  • Can you hold your bubble?
It was great fun! Have a go at home and see how many of the challenges you can do...!
Watching the following video will help: