Thursday, 2 April 2015

Have a Cracking Good Easter

What an eggcellent term it has been! Hard work, tears and tantrums and I am just talking about myself! I am not Yoking! Sorry, no more puns, I promise!

It has been a very good term for Year 3 and they should be proud of themselves and enjoy the holiday. Everyone has worked hard and started to believe in what they can achieve, sometimes with a helping hand or a little push. I feel everyone has realized that they can succeed in whatever they want to, as long as they are honest with themselves, invest themselves into it and are prepared to work for it, as they results are definitely worth it.

We finished this term with an Easter special, making Easter cards and Egg cups, split by our Skipping Challenge and then finishing off by looking at the tradition of egg rolling. Where it started and what did it and does represent now. We hard boiled our eggs in the morning and while they were cooling we made our egg cups to hold them and our Easter Cards.

I must apologies for the lack of Skipping photos for this blog, but I ended up being part of the relay races and challenges that we did, both as individuals and pairs. However we did have loads of photos taken on the school camera, so hopefully you will be seeing them soon. It was a shame that the weather wasn't kinder to us, as the children had really started to enjoy the group and team skipping activities too.

The egg decorations were very individual, some thinking along more traditional lines, others combining the old and the new and some, well lets say, being free spirits. But a lot of mess and fun was made, with some really wonderful results. I look forward to seeing you all for the new summer term and for now have a smashing Easter. (sorry couldn't help myself)

Decorating those Eggs is a tricky Business

Skipping Challenge Warm Up

Easter Card Factory in full Production

All the fun of the Fairground Rides

DT - Fairground Rides.

We have been incredibly busy this week making our fairground rides.  All of us completed the task independently and worked extremely hard to produce some amazing rides!

We used the saws to shorten our dowel....

 ....before covering our cardboard bases.

We used a wide range of materials to decorate and brighten our rides.  Some of us followed a specific theme whilst others used lots of their favourite ideas.

The finished products are amazin! Please come into our library and ask for a demonstration of them spinning around!

An eggcellent afternoon!

As Year Six have been working so incredibly hard over the past half term, we ended today with a mini Easter-egg hunt! 

What a lovely way to end a half term full of hard work!

The fun of the fair!

We have spent two days this week making our very own fairground rides! We experimented with knex first of all, to get our design juices flowing.

After generating four initial ideas, we chose our favourite to be our final design idea.

On Monday, the making began!

We just need to add the electronic motor mechanism after Easter, and our rides will be complete! What do you think of our rides so far?