Friday, 25 October 2013

Seacity Museum

As part of our 'Unsinkable' topic, Years Five and Six visited the Seacity museum in Southampton.

One of the first things we did was dress up as some passengers on board the Titanic.

We thought about whether each of our passengers would have survived the Titanic disaster. What do you think?

 How do you know which people are passengers and which are members of the crew?

 Next, we had a go at different activities.

Here, we are looking at different primary sources, and finding out something we didn't already know.
 Rhys and his group have been looking at different artefacts and working out which rooms from the Titanic they might have been in.

This group has been working out how to make this icecube tray remain afloat while filling different compartments with water. We used what we already knew from our science experiements to keep the icecube tray balanced.

Finally, we had to make a tough decision. We were given a selection of passengers and told we could only save three... but which ones? This activity sparked off some really interesting debates!

 Miss Halton made us pose for some more photos because we looked so good!

We then went on a tour of the museum with a guide.
What did you find out year five?

After lunch, we went back around the museum in smaller groups so we could have a go on the interactive activities, as there were so many!

 Alfie is working hard to stoke the furnaces in the engine room!

Maddy is sending some morse code... SOS!

We had a fantastic day at the Seacity Museum, and would fully recommend a visit as there is still lots to uncover!

Read for RNIB day!

To raise money for the RNIB, Year Five came in dressed as their favourite book characters. We had a wide range of characters, from a vampire to millionaire boy!
We took part in a sponsored read to raise money for the RNIB charity.

Can you find wally?

Every class spent the day focusing on a different book. Can you guess what book we looked at by looking at Miss Halton's fancy dress?

That's right! We spent the day looking at Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

We designed our own factory rooms to create a chocolate factory on our door.

Have a look at some of the rooms we designed below.

Which room would you most like to visit?

We also wrote the names of our rooms in braille!

Floating and Sinking ... take two!


After using clay to design a boat that floats, Year Five investigated how design a boat which could hold increasing amounts of passengers (marbles!).

Here are some of our boat designs...
Which one do you think would be most successful? Why?

 Watch what happens as we add passengers to James and Harry's boat!

 Uh oh! What do you think caused this boat to sink?

 After testing our designs, we had some ideas about what would help our boats hold more passengers. Next lesson, we experimented with adding compartments to help our boats stay balanced.

What do you think the result was?