Monday, 30 March 2015

Year 2 and Year 4 Recorder Concert

Year 4 have been learning to play the treble recorder this term whilst Year 2 have been learning the descant.
We had a special concert on Monday to celebrate what we had learnt.

In Year 4 we have started to learn to read music. One activity involved a classmate holding up different notes and rhythms.
We played lots of pieces as individual year groups but ended playing a piece together.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Stone Age Wonder

As you know, from all the lovely Stonehenge and rock cakes we are having at school each week, we are learning all about the Stone Age. So expanding our brains, as well as our waist lines. On Thursday, Year 3 & 4 teamed up together to have a Stone Age activity afternoon. We did weaving, face painting, virtual archaeology, mirror making, cooking and designing Celtic patterns. 

All our Face Painting would have made Mel Gibson and the cast of Braveheart very envious, with some true Celtic warriors being born from the educational battlefield of Kings Copse School. With regards to our mirrors and pattern designed, we looked at the flowing lines and circular patterns the stone age people typically used and used to such great affect. 

The children used laptops and their computer skills, to hurt down examples, artifacts and facts about the Religion, Types of Housing, Weapons & Warriors, Clothing and Tools that Stone Age people used everyday and why each one was so important to them. Weaving was a challenge for dexterity, as well as creative design, using natural materials and similar techniques that used back then. 

The cooking was the most challenging both logistically and for the taste buds, with the children making traditional oat cakes and making them either savory or sweet, depending on how much salt or honey was used for individuals recipes. However everyone involved had great fun and the children enjoyed all their activities to the full. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Year 3 March forward !!!!

It just keeps getting busier for Year 3! First we would like to thank all the parents for supporting us in our Year Assembly a couple of weeks ago. Plus, just say, how good Year 1's Assembly was this week. The bar has been set high, so I think we will have to work on the our choreography for next time! Forgot the 'X Factor', it's about the 'Ahhhhh Factor', so it's all about the song and dance routines for us.

Last week we had the Southampton Missionary Group come into school and amaze us with the Easter Story, Magic and Mystery. We learnt about the meaning behind Easter, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus and why Christians throughout the world, celebrate this time of year. Plus the fact, that even though its lovely, it's not all about the Chocolate or Eggs, but about new life and forgiveness.

We did this with Drama, Fun Games, Creative Writing and Creating Mosaics. Writing as reporters for the Jerusalem Times, reporting on what we were seeing before and after the Crucifixion. The mystery and wonder, of what people were experiencing, all around the region of Jerusalem, as they learnt of Jesus's death and then Resurrection. Plus using our imagination and creative talents, to create mosaics that represented feelings that we thought were the most important to us, about the Easter Story.

Sorry about the Mosaics being the wrong way round! They were saved the correct way, but seem to have come out like this. Please tilt your head sideways, it is worth it!!!!!!!

Please parents, safety first and remember to Warm Up, before you tilt!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

VI Awareness Morning

VI Awareness Morning
On Monday, we enjoyed participating in our annual VI awareness morning.  With lots of children at school having a visual impairment, it is a great morning for us to experience what life is like for some of the children at our school.
We learnt lots from the Open Sight Team and enjoyed a wide range of activities.  These included hazard awareness, obstacles, blind folded tasks and games, braille and learning about the function of the eye.
Thank you to all adults who supported the morning.  Speial thanks to Mrs Hicks for organising the fun activities!


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Iron Age Afternoon

Today we experienced some activities from the Iron Age. We wanted to do this to help us with writing a story called 'Iron Age Boy'.

We looked at Iron Age Celtic patterns and did some weaving.

We also painted our faces like Iron Age Celtic warriors!
Here are some of the scary warriors.

We also cooked some Iron Age Bannocks, a oatmeal biscuit eaten in the Iron Age.

Hopefully our experiences will help us write some great stories over the next couple of days.

Which activity was your favourite?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


German with Frau Foste.
Last week, we had a great time learning German with Frau Foste.
She taught us the colours in German.  We played lots of different games to help us learn them.
Once we were confident, we learnt how to ask our friends what their favourite colour is. 

Do you know what question I am asking?
Magst du blau?
What would your answer be?
Ja, ich mag blau.
Nein, ich mag blau nicht