Friday, 20 December 2013


Year 3 and 4 had a battle of the catapults competition yesterday afternoon.  The Year 4 were in the lead initially, then the year 3 stormed ahead.  However, the year 4 caught up and it was neck and neck right down to the last shots.  Would Daniel's team get the all important shots in to bring the scores level?



Yes they did!  It was a draw!

Great fun had by all!


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

VI Awareness Morning

Across the school we have had some visual impairment awareness mornings. These have been fantastic opportunities for us to think about what it might be like to be someone with a visual impairment. Mrs Hicks also organised for the Open Sight team to come in and talk with us about what life is like with a visual impairment.
Terry talked to us about his own visual impairment, and how it effects his day to day life. He then gave us some really useful tips about how we can keep our own eyes healthy - carrots may not help us see in the dark but they really do help keep your eyes healthy!
 Then, we went into the Oasis and had a go at some Braille. Each braille letter is made up of a combination of dots within a cell. We decoded messages and wrote braille messages to each other too!

During the next session we used mirrors to look really carefully at our own eyes. We then drew pictures of all the details we noticed.

 Next, we had a go at some simple activities. However, we were blindfolded! It was very interesting to see how much  more difficult even the simplest of activities became once we were blindfolded.

 Finally, the Open Sight team taught us how to guide someone with a visual impairment safely. We learnt how important it is to communicate with each other. We had to make sure we helped the person blindfolded to have an awareness of what was around them, whilst also making sure they were still independent.

3D Paintings

In art, we have been continuing to look at different ways to represent the sea through paintings. Over the past two weeks ,we have been focusing on 3D paintings in particular.

First, we made templates from paper, and traced them onto cardboard three times. This meant we had three cardboard versions of our boat shapes. We then stuck them on top of each other to create a 3D image.

Once we had done this, we used paper maché to cover our images.

We used two layers of newspaper and one layer of white paper.

We then used paint to finish our paintings.

Here are some of our finished 3D paintings.
What do you think?


Monday, 16 December 2013

On friday the children had a great day making and testing catapults!  Some would be very good weapons to use in the destruction of a castle wall!

Christmas maths problems created by year 3!  Can you solve them?

Santa ate 32 pies then ate 10 more.  How many did he eat now?

In Lapland were 100 elves to make presents. But one morning 20 elves over slept, so how many elves are at work?

Under the Christmas tree there are 12 presents.  How many presents will Tyreece, Ti'elle and L'Annah have each?

Santa has 50 Reindeer.  14 run off and 10 are ill.  How many reindeers has Santa left for his sledge?

I had 10 Christmas trees.  I gave 2 to Thomas and 4 to Holly.  how many are left?

It is 5 days until Xmas Day and 12 days until New Year's Day.  How many days are there between Xmas Day and New Year's Day?

Finley has 19 presents and Charley gives him 5 more.  How many presents does Finley have now?

Finley has 25 Xmas crackers.  He wants to share them between himself and four of his friends.  How many crackers will they each have?

I have 24 baubles to share between 4 Xmas trees.  how many baubles are there on each tree?

In Darcy's road there are 5 houses.  In each house there are 6 Christmas lights.  How many christmas lights are in Darcy's road?

If there were 14 presents and 6 got lost how manywould be left?

Year 3 homework projects.

Fantastic homework from year 3 again. 

There were some super sock puppets, wordesearches, wanted posters and advent calendars.  The children will have the opportunity to do each others wordsearches and on this site we have added some of the maths problems created by children for you to have a go at solving.

There was some very good quality writing this time with thought given to punctuation and spellings.

Well done year 3!