Friday, 24 October 2014

Striking some shapes!

We've been learning about shapes in Year 4 - particularly 3D ones. Do you know your edges from your vertices? Your points from your faces?

We used art straws and blu tack to make our own 3D shapes. The straws acted as our edges (where two faces meet) and the blu tack showed us the vertices (where at least two edges meet).

Have a look at our shapes....

Can you spot the cube? A cuboid? A square based pyramid? A hexagonal prism? A triangular prism? You might even spot a tetrahedron!

Some groups were really whizzy! This pair managed to make a squared dipyramid! (That's two square based pyramids stuck together!) Can you work out how many edges and how many vertices it has?


On Tuesday, Year Six were lucky enough to watch Wildern's production of

After the wonderful kitchen staff made our lunch early,we walked to Wildern in the sunshine (and wind!). We soon settled into our seats in The Berry Theatre, and the show began. The talented actors of Wildern did an amazing job in portraying Dickens' characters, and the story of Oliver came alive for the children to enjoy.

Year Six thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and had lots to say about the performance.

"The voices of the actors were so realistic and it really helped us to imagine what it would be like to live there!"

"Their costumes were so realistic, and it was a really unique performance. I went home singing all the songs and dancing around. I can't wait until I'm in Wildern so I can audition!"

"I thought the actors were fantastic and made us believe we were there too."

"I was so impressed by their acting! Nancy was amazing."

Monday, 20 October 2014

Interviewing Witnesses

As part of our literacy work, we put ourselves in role and pretended to be witnesses in the Pigeon Impossible film.

We devised a set of open questions to ask and then we interviewed each other. To ensure that we could play back what was said, we used the microphones to record our responses.

Have a listen to some of our witness statements. Did they use open or closed questions? Can you tell by how they respond?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Overnight Alien Visitor?
We arrived in the classroom today to discover some evidence that there had been an overnight visitor.
We became detectives and recorded what we found.
We found a pile of crunchy biscuit crumbs on the table.

Some of the crumbs had spilt all over the floor next to the table.

We saw some scraps of shiny foil, perhaps from the Alien's spaceship, under a corner of a table.

We found lots of yellow and white fluff in the classroom so have decided the Alien must be these colours. Some was found inside the role play area and some was next to the sink.


We found some soft blankets that could have been overnight nests. One was under the white board next to the wall.

A hoolahoop had been played with and left under a table.

Then we found a very strange letter!
Who could it be from?
Who visited the classroom?
Will they come again?


A newsworthy visitor!

Over the last few days, Year 4 have become journalists so they can write news reports on the video clip, 'Pigeon Impossible'. We were very lucky to have a special visitor today to help us with our work!

Chris Robinson came in to talk to us about what it was like to be a journalist. Chris works for the BBC's South Today news programme. He told us about why he wanted to be a journalist, how he trained to be a reporter and what journalists do to get the facts for their stories. He also showed us one of his news reports and talked about what he uses to remember all of the information that he's found out.

We had the chance to look at his earpiece and found out how the gallery at the BBC give him instructions and timings when he reports live from different locations.

He also showed us his notebook. However, we didn't understand what was written down! That's because reporters use shorthand to make notes because it takes less time and because people sometimes talk very quickly!

We also looked at the script from last night's programme, which was read by Sally Taylor. We learnt that the presenter needs a script to present the news - especially if the autocue fails! It also helps them to understand the story and to ask questions to people that they interview in the studio.

Finally, we watched another exciting news report that was all about Daleks!

Thank you to Chris for coming in to talk to us today. We found out lots of exciting things about the life of a journalist and we had lots of answers to our questions.

What did you find out from Chris' visit? Add what you found out to the comments below. 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Art in year 1
We have created clay faces in year 1.  We are trying hard to rememebr where the features go on a face especially that the eyes are in the middle.


Thursday, 9 October 2014

A visit by Paul Geraghty

Today Year 1 had  a visit by the fantastic author and illustrator Paul Geraghty.   Paul talked to us about being and author and shared some of his books with us.  

In the first book Paul Geraghty wrote he drew a picture of a frog.  In every book after this he also included a frog! Sometimes they are not so easy to spot!

Paul shared with us some of his illustrations.  While he was telling us one of his stories, he also drew a picture! 

One of the stories Paul shared with us was The Hoppameleon.  It is a tale about a very confused frog.  While telling us the story, Paul drew an illustration of the main character.  

To find out more information or look at some of the many different books he has written, please visit Pauls website: