Friday, 28 June 2013

Something different...

A few weeks ago, before the strike of Captain Admin, we were very lucky to have had some very special guests into school.
A professional dancer from Street dance came in to spend time with each class to compose and perform their very own dances.
Mrs Lacey preparing to 'cut some shapes'

Each member of the class thoroughly enjoyed the new learning with some 'gusto'
Precision and unity is very important when dancing as part of a group.
The children very much enjoyed the session with some enthusiasm, as you can see. Apparently, it's all in the hips?
Street dancing or auditions for Littlewoods? You decide.

Space pictures

The children have been drawing space pictures outside.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Summer Fair Preparations

It's not long until the Summer Fair and we've been very busy preparing our stalls. We hope to see you there. The members of the stall, that generates the most money for the PTA, will each win a prize!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Holt Farm!

We had a great day in year one yesterday visitng The Holt Farm. The children learnt lots of interesting facts about the animals, the crops and the farm machinery.  We are looking forward to producing work from the learning we did on our visit to the farm!
This is Chris, one of the farmers. He told us all about the cows and bulls
they have at the farm and some interesting facts about them. We found out
that they have passports just like us to track them when they move around farms!

All of the children had the opportunity to sit in one of the

The farmers told us about the different machinery
they have at the farm and some of the functions
of the machinery.

We went in a trailer from one end of the farm to
the other where we had our lunch and did a scavenger hunt.

We found out about the different crops that are
grown at the farm and all of the different foods
that can be produced from these.

The children worked together to order the crop cycle
that happens through the year.

We all had a go at grinding the wheat to make some flour!

Henry Moore Models

It's been so busy in Year 6 that we forgot to blog about our fantastic clay models! Using Henry Moore as our inspiration, we used clay to create human figures as if they were sheltering from the bombing in the Underground.
To begin with, we rolled our clay into a ball and used the five star method to pull out the different limbs of the body.

We then began to shape the body using the correct proportions and placing our figure in an appropriate pose. Some of our positions included reading, sleeping and cuddling. We knew that being underground during the bombing was probably an unsettlling experience so we considered that our character might look upset or bored.

It was then time to add extra details. We used the clay tools to make impressions on the clay.

Bethany P had a very interesting idea for her model - she tried to make it more abstract by taking on board the stylistic choices of Henry Moore's work.

Finally, we used slip to add on extra details such as books. Here, you can see that the hair has been added on to this figure using a slip method.

And here is a small selection of our finished models. I'm sure you'll agree that they look great!


Monday, 24 June 2013


We've had a visit from Mel Jewitt this morning. She talked to us about her passion for running and told us that she had taken part in an amazing 54 marathons! We also found out that Mel was deaf and that she ran to raise money for deaf charities. She can distinguish different sounds and listen to people talking because she has had a cochlea implant.

We learnt lots of stretches for warming up and cooling down properly and ensured that we conduced stretches that worked all of our different muscles.
We also managed to run a mini marathon around the school grounds. Mel and Mr Earle were very impressed with Year 6's excellent stamina - everyone managed 4 laps of the field!
Mel will be at the Summer Fair this weekend so make sure you say hello!

Blitz Pictures

We've been busy using pastels to create our own pictures based on the Blitz. From our research, we discovered that the bombs created a great orange glow over the city. We used lots of fiery tones to create the huge fires that would have filled the sky. We also blended greys and blacks to create smoke.
Soldiers on the ground would sometimes use spotlights to try and locate the planes in the air.
Here is a selection of our completed pictures. They look great!