Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Music Maestros

In Music with Mrs Watling, we have been learning about how music has changed. 
We first looked at how music was first written down.

Mrs Watling showed us a piece of music from a monastery.

We are learning to read standard music with the help of a fun song and video!
(Ask the children!)

Today we have been reading music on a stave to play tuned percussion.

Towards the end of the topic we are going to use technology, including ipads, to record our own compositions rather than notation. 


The children have been very enthusiastic about learning French this year!

We have started by learning some simple greetings.

So far we have learnt...


(a polite way to say hello)


(a friendly way to say hi)

Au revoir 
(to say goodbye)

We have learnt actions for the greetings to help us remember when we use them. We also have a song to help us remember the words.

You can use the link below to hear the words and the song if you want to try using them at home.

Au revoir

Madame Hart

Monday, 28 September 2015

We are App Designers

In ICT this term, we are becoming app designers. Before we begin the creation of our own mobile apps, we have been developing our awareness of the capabilities of different smartphones and tablets. Today, we looked specifically at geolocation, including GPS.

Using an online photo sharing website ( and google maps ( we tagged the location at which our photos were shot during our recent visit to Brownsea Island.

We even managed to find South Shore Lodge on Brownsea Island using google maps! I wonder if that's us waving down there...

Friday, 25 September 2015

Numeracy this week

We have been remembering the names of 2D shapes and some of their properties.
We then did some sorting according to the properties.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hunting for answers!

Information Finding
In Literacy we have been learning about information texts.  Mrs Warland hid all the different features of an information text around our class room for us to find.  For some of us, she hid them in very obscure places.  We had to search for different coloured pieces and then try and build the information text. 

Some pieces were low!

Can you find the four slips of information in this image?

Can you find the three slips of paper in this image?

Some pieces were high!

It was great fun playing a game to help us learn.

Small Group Time

This week, in small group time, we have continued to find out about things we can do in different areas of our classroom.

In Cosy Corner, we have been choosing books from the book box to look at on our own or with a friend.  We have been looking carefully at the pictures on each page and talking about what we can see.  Sometimes we have made up a story to go with the pictures and sometimes we have started to look at the letters and words we can see.

Looking carefully at the pictures
Deciding which book to look at
Telling a story
Enjoying looking at the pictures

Book fun!

Talking to a friend about our books

Enjoying sharing books together

In the Creative Area, we have been learning how to set up a paint station.  

We have been finding all the equipment we need when painting including aprons, paint pallets, paper, water and paint brushes.

We have been thinking about how to layout our equipment so that it is easy to use when we are painting.  We need a large paint pallet so that we can explore mixing different colours together. 

Ready to paint!