Thursday, 16 February 2017

Year Six Revision

At the SATs information meeting, we discussed making some practice papers available for the children to complete over half term if they wished. In an effort to save paper, we are sharing these electronically using the links below.  Children are welcome to come and discuss any of the questions with us on our 'Tuesday drop-in' sessions, but the answers are included on the links too.

Arithmetic paper:
Spelling and Grammar paper:
Maths reasoning paper:

Past SATs papers are also available online at the following website:

Have a happy and relaxing break!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Melting Materials!

In Science, we are investigating different materials and their qualities. Last week, we looked at what happened to different materials when they were heated.

Some of the changes we saw occur were reversible, and some were irreversible

Year Six concluded that heating can sometimes cause materials to change permanently. When this happens, a new substance is made. These changes are not reversible.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Chinese New Year

We have spent the week learning about various aspects of Chinese New Year.

We have found out that children are either rabbits or dragons, and amongst the staff there are goats, snakes and Tigers!

We have made Chinese dragons using our clever hand skills of twisting and cutting.  Looked at Chinese writing and listened to the Chinese New Year story, as well as many independent tasks based around this festival.

We finished our week with a PE lesson in which we looked at and practised our Chinese Dragon dance, providing our own music and cheering crowds.

What a great week!