Friday, 6 July 2018

Goodnight Campers!

 Goodnight Campers!

Thank you all for a great two days - you were all super!

 Make sure you get some rest ready for a fun packed week in Year 5 next week!

Thank you also to the staff who made it possible, the PTA for all the supplies and the local cats for not climbing in with us!

6:30am - Morning Campers

6:30am - Still peaceful

A glorious sunrise has greeted us this morning but 28 sleepy campers have missed it!  Some of us are just starting to stir in our tents but the sound of birdsong is still the predominant sound.

Looking forward to another great day.

Dinner Time and Movie.

Dinner is served...

We all became experts at serving ourselves before bedding down in the classroom for movie night!

Hunting for Treasure!

Activity Time - Scavenger Hunt!

With a list of 12 things to find, there was no time to waste! However, we had to all keep hold of the hoop.

  Even needed Mrs Ferguson to tie a shoe - just couldn't let go of that hoop!

Activities Galore!

Activity Time - Shelter Building

Mrs Ferguson enjoyed pouring water over our shelters a little too much! Luckily, we stayed dry.