Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Greek Banquet!

We've been taste testing different Grecian foods today and reviewing what we thought about each of them by holding a Greek banquet.

We began our meal with a toast to the Gods by drinking red wine (it was actually red grape juice but just as tasty)!

We then sampled lots of different dishes. Some of the dishes we sampled were.... pitta bread, humus, taramasalta,  tzatziki, olives, feta cheese, halloumi, squid, calamari, moussaka, Greek yogurt and figs.

Some people had never tasted some of the ingredients before and were quite surprised by how tasty some of the foods were! We evaluated each food by considering their taste, texture, freshness, smell and colour.

There were some foods that weren't to everyone's taste, as these photos show! However, everyone enjoyed trying something new and finding out if they could live like a Greek!

Wintershill Country Learning Day

We began our day under cover meeting Nick, the Sheep Shearer. He showed us how to give a sheep a good hair cut!

Bobbie the sheep was quite happy while getting a trim.

All the children had the chance to have a feel of Bobbie and his fleece.
Nick answered lots of questions from the children and adults.
Then we found out what happens to the fleece to become woollen yarn. 
We were shown carding and then how to use a spinning wheel (watch out any princesses!).
Then a challenge, put the wool back onto a sheep! 
Not a real sheep, winding wool onto a small wooden sheep. 
With a little hand over hand support for this fiddly task, job done! 
Then we were introduced to Chris the farmer and his tractor.
He talked us through how to make a hay bale. 
He explained why the bales were wrapped in keep it dry. 
After all the children and Chris rolled a bale, Chris then showed us the tractor at work, showing how machines help him in his everyday jobs.
After a little walk we were introduced to Galaxy and Bonnie who needed a make over from our Kings Copse stylists! 
The queen of hairstyles was on task, working on the tail...
While a bit of brush was needed over the body. A brilliant sensory experience for all our pupils.
Next, The New Forest National Park and Barn Owls....
We learnt all about what they eat and how they regurgitate the bones and fit of the unfortunate mouse.
Some mouse bones to have a good look at and even a barn owl chick skeleton! 
More bones, this time fox, badger and deer skulls. 
The children matched them really well looking and feeling for features.
We then broke for lunch and the awarding of prizes. Rachel Madocks school won first for all of their display work. 
Kings Copse finally broke open our potatoes which we have been growing over the past few months. We grew 55 potatoes! 
After lunch, Bantem chickens and pheseants followed by ferrets.

Watch your fingers! Especially with this ferret called 'Rupert'! 
The afternoon continued with 2 Gun dogs called Tim and Ralph.
Ralph was very friendly while Tim was working.
The children loved to see his waggy tail and meet such a happy dog. Then one pupil had a go at being in charge of Ralph while he retrieved! Wow!
Next, some of the countryside's smallest inhabitants.....bees. 
After a quick talk the children then went queen bee hunting, she had a white dot on her back. 
And saw how a hive is constructed as well as trying on a bee keepers suit.
Who is it? 

The children also got to look close up to honeycomb and the inside of a hive.
And finally some of the largest of the countryside's largest animals...cows.
And some calves...
We all had a brilliant day in spite of the rain. The volunteers who ran all of the activities were fantastic and helpful. A big thank you to the Countryside trust!