Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sea City Museum

Year One had a fantastic day at the Sea City Museum finding out about the Titanic.

The morning started with Year One impressing everybody with their knowledge, showing how much they had learnt already!  

We then looked at different clothes that people on board would have been wearing.  Some of the children got to try on the costumes.  We had to guess what that person would have been doing on board.  Were they a crew member or passenger?  If they were passengers we also had to work out what class they would have been and if they survived or died. 

 Even though Reece's character was a gentleman, he still survived because he sneaked on one of the last lifeboats.  

Lillie-Rose's character should have survived, she was a first class lady, but she refused her space on a lifeboat because she wanted to stay with her husband.  Her husband also turned down a space because he could still see ladies and children waiting.  

Jake's character was a very lucky man! He survived as he was chosen to row one of the lifeboats.  

We then had four activities to explore.  

For one of the activities we had lots of passengers who were on board the Titanic.  We had to decide who could have a place on the lifeboat and who couldn't.  There was great discussion with some very thoughtful reasons. 



There were lots of objects to feel and look at.  We found out what they would have been used for. 


We then had lots of pictures of rooms from the Titanic that we had to name.  The cubes smelt like the different rooms and we had to match the smell to the room. 

We found out what made the unsinkable ship sink.  We had an ice cube tray to fill with water.  We tried to fill as many holes as possible before it sank.  The record was 10, thanks to some careful decisions about which holes to fill! 

We then explore the rest of the museum.  We were amazed to see how many of the crew had lived in Southampton.  We found Rosie's great uncle's name on the board. 

We also looked at the clothing people would have worn at the time the Titanic set sail.  Gentlemen had to wear hats whenever they were out of their house.  

In the afternoon we had great fun trying to shovel coal into the engines to keep the ship running.  Sometimes we weren't fast enough and the ship nearly stopped!


We also looked at what the cabins would have been like, steered the ship and looked at the grand staircase.  

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sandwich Making!

As part of our 'It's Good to Be Me' topic, we've been designing  healthy sandwiches. We had to think carefully about the different ingredients and make sure that we had foods that represent the different food groups.

Today, we made our sandwiches. We've made notes as we've been making our tasty treats as we're going to write instructions to help another person make our sandwiches too!

We had rolls, bagels, wraps and loaves.... and a huge array of different, tasty fillings!

Click on the photographs to make them bigger.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


We have been trying lots of different ways to learn our spellings.
We have played hangman, completed a dictation and wrote silly sentences.
Today, it was the turn of The Year 5 Spelling Bee.
It was the clash of the against house!
We even had our own buzzer noises from cows to sheep and dings to dongs!
We all had loads of fun.


Wildern Art Afternoon

You may have noticed our fantastic mural that has developed and grown over the last few weeks! Kate, our artist, has been busy using lots of artistic styles to show different events through the ages.

We were particularly interested in the Beatles artwork which was painted in the style of the artist Peter Blake.

Miss Thomas, an art teacher from Wildern, came in to talk to us about Peter Blake's work and how he was part of the 'Pop Art' movement. She explained how he used colour theory to make different colours work well together.

After we had listened carefully, we then explored colour theory for ourselves.

We then had the opportunity to work with Wildern art students. They taught us different printing and collage techniques so we could copy some of the ideas that Peter Blake used for his artwork. Click the images to make them bigger.