Friday, 25 October 2019

Year 2 - Ending the Half Term in style!

Year 2 head to Gosport!

Firstly, what an amazing day! 
We are all incredibly proud of how hard you worked today, your manners, your commitment to the task and your maturity. It was a delight and a pleasure to end the half term with such a fantastic day. There were many moments where other adults, from the discovery centre and SEARCH museum, commented on how exceptional you were.

Well done Year 2 - you couldn't have ended the term better!

We have had a super day playing with toys from different eras and exploring the wonderful resources that the SEARCH museum has to offer.
There was fossil rubbing, a sensory room, memorabilia from the 80s and a giant mammoth! 

Our trip to the library ended with many children bringing a book home after a fun treasure hunt from the team at the Discovery Centre. Please remember these books can be returned to Hedge End library!

Throughout the afternoon, we explored a range of activities with links across the past. There was dressing up, toy making, feely bags, sorting and playground games to enjoy.

Fun was certainly had by all!

Have a fabulous rest Year 2 - you all deserve it. 
Happy Half Term.

Monday, 21 October 2019

A slimetastic afternoon in Year 3!

This afternoon, Year 3 got their hands well and truly dirty by making slime in our Science lesson. We were exploring different levels of viscosity in liquids and how this changes the liquid.

The children then evaluated their results: When we first started mixing, the mixture was all gluey. Then it became more thick every time we kneaded the mixture. Miss MacMaster added some food colouring and it started becoming pinkish (because we had red food colouring). The more we mixed it, the more gloopy it got. When we put our hands in the bowl, the mixture got all over our hands and it started to dry on our arms. The more we kneaded it, the more clumpy it got.

Here are our favourite photos from our afternoon:

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Harvest 2019

Today we celebrated harvest with a special assembly. Arthur Cowburn from Hedge End Methodist Church led the assembly, encouraging us to think about how thankful we should be for not only our food but also our talents.

A collection of food was made for the Hedge End Food Centre, in which we collected over 400 items. This food was gratefully received by the food centre. Before the food was taken to the centre we carried out the Kings Copse tradition to see how far the food would stretch down the corridor - It managed to go two and half times up and down the corridor!

We'd like to thank all the families in supporting this amazing collection!