Friday, 23 May 2014

Street Golf

On Thursday, we all had the opportunity to take part in some golf during the afternoon! Two instructors from Hedge End Golf Centre came to teach us some basic skills. We also took part in some games! 

First, we had to see who could putt the ball into the hoop. Then, we had a go at chipping a ball. We managed to hit the target six times!

Henry Moore

In art, Year Five have been looking closely at the work of Henry Moore.

First, we sketched each other using the 'sausage and ball' technique, and then added detail. As most of his work reflects his experiences during WW2, we replicated poses and positions which Henry Moore may have seen himself whilst in bomb shelters.

 We then used clay to replicate the poses of our models.

Here are some of our finished sculptures!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A busy day in Year 4!

Today has been an incredibly busy day in Year 4.
Firstly, we headed outside for our literacy lesson to have a go at some football commentary. We are going to be writing some Haiku's and Cinnquain's as part of our topic with a view to turning them into a song or chant. 
Here are some pictures of us getting into the football spirit ready to write some exciting sentences about it.

We each took a turn at being the commentator with our imaginary microphones! Watch out Gary Linnekar...some of use were incredibly talented and will grace the Match of the Day sofa!
Just before lunch our day got even more exciting because we were photographed for the local newspaper! 

I am sure some children have come home and shared the thrilling news that we are going to be world record holders - details to follow after half term!  We, along with other Hampshrie schools, are participating in an attempt to be the largest group of Ukulele players continuously playing for over five minutes.  As part of the promotion for this, Hampshire Music Service and the Daily Echo visited the school to take pictures of us with our Ukulele's. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A visit from Erin, a Hearing Dog for the Deaf.

Today we had a visit from Mark, Kim and Erin, who is their 'Hearing Dog for the Deaf'.

She is a black 'cockapoo', which is half Poodle and half Spaniel.  She is four years old.
She felt very soft and all the children got to stroke her.

To help Mark and Kim, Erin wakes them up in the morning and tells them when the doorbell or phone rings. She barks and puts up her paw.

Erin is also allowed into shops and other places to help Mark and Kim.

A big thanks to Connor's mum, Kerry, for organising this visit.

The children were amazed at how clever she is and that, although she is a working dog, she is also Mark's best friend!

Creating Poppies

We have been creating beautiful poppies to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the start of World War One.

We painted, cut and layered different types of paper to make them!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Andy Goldsworthy inspired art

The children were busy yesterday in year one making some more fantastic artwork! They used some work by Andy Goldsworthy as their inspiration and worked in the outside area with natural resources.